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a Principality under the sponsorship of Blackspire, located in western Washington state.

The Principality

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The Northern Lights was founded upon the ideal of combining the efforts of several strong core lands in the Northwest, so that Kingdom status becomes more realistic. The Northern Lights currently includes (in chronological order of joining):

Inland Ocean, Shrouding Mist, Greenwood Keep, Gypsy Hollow, Dragons of Fire Valley & Mithril Hills.

The alliance of independent lands creates a single voice with the sponsoring Kingdom, and provides governance for political issues which may arise. Organizing as a Principality allows better cooperation and communication for all the member lands, and represents a significant step toward achieving kingdom status.

As the Northern Lights expands, with more Amtgard players joining the allied lands, the effort to obtain Kingdom status grows. The Principality strives to achieve its intended goal, to form the foundation for what is to become an Amtgard Kingdom.

Monarchy of Northern Lights


Contacts and Directions

Northern Lights Web Site

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