Obsidian Grove Directions

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Directions to Obsidian Grove

Directions from the south (As in south of Portland) to Obsidian Grove, Orchards Park, Vancouver, wa

I-5 North to Exit 2 Stay right on the fork and get onto SR-500 Follow SR-500 to Thurston Way. Take right on Thurston Way Turn left onto Fourth Plain Cross the overpass over I-205. Across the road from the onramp that leads to I-205 N is the entrance to the park, which is 54th st. The park butts up against the eastern side of I-205. Look for lots of big trees.

From Eastern Portland, Oregon City I-205 North to exit 30 A/B Take Exit 30 B to SR-500 Follow SR-500 as it curves north Turn left onto 4th Plain Follow Fourth Plain to 54th St. Look for the trees. They are not small.