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<TD>[[Count|Cardinal Protodeacon]] [[Squire]] [[Zwerver]]</TD>
<TD>[[Count|Cardinal Protodeacon]] [[Squire]] [[Zwerver]]</TD>
<TD>[[Lord]] [[Squire]] [[William Black]]</TD>
<TD>[[Lord]] [[Squire]] [[William Black]]</TD>
<TD>[[Viscount|Viscountess]] [[Sir|Ser]] [[Diana Starfall]]/TBA</TD>
<TD>[[Viscount|Viscountess]] [[Sir|Ser]] [[Diana Starfall]]/[[Psylocyte]]</TD>
<TD>[[Page]] [[Ambrose]]</TD>
<TD>[[Page]] [[Ambrose]]</TD>
<TD>[[Woman at Arms]] [[Aylanda]]</TD>
<TD>[[Woman at Arms]] [[Aylanda]]</TD>

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The Principality of the Northern Empire, of the Kingdom of Goldenvale

Principality Level

  Monarch Regent Prime Minister Champion GMR
Reign #1 (Fall 2010) Sir Nathanial Chief Ausric Lord Brother Vin***/Lord Brother Vin Lord Squire Elghinn Baronet MaA Ursus MacGrioghar
Reign #2 (Summer 2011) Elder Ausric WaA Anne Cash Lord Brother Vin MaA Shay Lord MaA Ethryn
Reign #3 (Fall 2011) Caliph Saint Ce'dar Lady Squire Diana Starfall Baronet Brother Vin / Viscountess WaA Ascli Page Toebreaker Marquis Magnus Blackeagle
Reign #4 (Summer 2012) Count Squire Cy Lady Page Finola Viscountess Squire Ascli / Viscountess Squire Ascli Baronet Squire Ursus MacGrioghar*** Baronet Man-at-Arms Thalese
Reign #5 (Fall 2012) Baron Ducryus Marquis Magnus Blackeagle Viscountess Squire Ascli / Page Thrax* Count Squire Cy Baronet Squire Ursus MacGrioghar
Reign #6 (Summer 2013) Baronet Squire Ursus MacGrioghar Viscountess Squire Ascli Page Thrax* / Lord Man at Arms REO Speedwagon*** Lord Squire Elm*** Count Ausric
Reign #7 (Fall 2013) Viscountess Squire Ascli Baronettess Sir Diana Lord Man at Arms REO Speedwagon*** / Magnus Blackeagle Count Sir Ausric Slick Johnny
Reign #8 (Summer 2014) Page Soren Slick Johnny Count Magnus Blackeagle / Count Sir Ausric Blackwolf*** Baronet Squire Lanky Lord Squire Ethryn***
Reign #9 (Fall 2014) Count Saint Cy Lady Page Finola Count Sir Ausric Blackwolf***/Lord MaA Lacris Slick Johnny Denevra
Reign #10 (Summer 2015) Lady Page Finola Viscountess Dame Ascli Lord MaA Lacris/Lord MaA Kismet Count Sir Ausric Darius
Reign #11 (Fall 2015) Count Sir Ausric Squire Gwynn Lord MaA Kismet/Viscountess Ser Diana Starfall MaA Icho Lord Talaris
Reign #12 (Summer 2016) Archbishop Man at Arms Zwerver Baronet Page Ezekiel MacAllister Viscountess Ser Diana Starfall/Viscountess Ser Diana Starfall Man at Arms Eliah Countess Dame Ascli
Reign #13 (Fall 2016) Cardinal Protodeacon Squire Zwerver Lord Squire William Black Viscountess Ser Diana Starfall/Psylocyte Page Ambrose Woman at Arms Aylanda

*** Denotes an incomplete reign (either pro-tem, abdication, or abandonment)