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It is a departure from the usual "House of a company", in that it's major theme it is a "CrossOver" group.

Members of House SI focus on bringing their Amtgard skills and friendships into other groups, such as Belegarth, Dagohir, Nero, and the SCA.

From the yahoo group: "This is a group dedicated to those Amtgarders interested in Crossing over to other Foam-Fighting games (such as Dagorhir and Belegarth), focusing more on combat and tactics. We may even make a stint or two in SCA."


House SI was formed out of the company in late '07 by members of the company Sol Invictus.

In early 2008, House SI began attending as many Dagorhir and Belegarth events and weekend practices as it could. Members in at least three states began the process of learning by doing and finally by June of 08', House SI was ready for the mother of all Foam Fighting events, Ragnarok.

SI fielded a strong core of players and made a good impression. All reports from both the Belegarth and Dagorhir boards were very positive and complimentary. It is safe to say that House SI laid some very good ground work for further cross-gaming relations by attending the weeklong event attended by 2,000 foam fighters.


  • June 08' Ragnarok
  • In July of 08', SI attended a NERO Atlanta event. Utter chaos ensued, one character was perm-deathed, and an SI NPC wreaked havoc in the tourney. Not sure how good of a relation was made although it was much fun.
  • April 09' Dagorhir Olympics *see accomplishments below
  • May 09' Dagorhir Gates of Summer
  • September 09' 2nd place @ Lord of War


House SI won 4 out of the top 5 places in the Dagorhir Olympics competition. There were 9 total places that qualified for "top 5".

  • Keonee 2nd
  • Heydeez 3rd
  • Konrad 4th
  • Wisp 5th
  • House SI placed 2nd in the Four Horsemen Tourney at Olympics
  • 2nd Place, 1st Annual Lord of War Cross Gaming Event