Saphire Shores

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Saphire Shores, Barony

A defunct Barony of the Kingdom of the Valley of the Silver Rains, located in Gladstone, OR.


It is unknown if this group ever had a heraldry.


Founded by Lord Duncan McCain in 1997 Once meet at Clackamette Park in Gladstone. Became inactive around the begining of 2000. A year or two later several members of Sapphire Shores started meeting at a park across the river and started Dragons Forge.

When Saphire Shores was around in Oregon City, the parks department told them they could not use spell balls. This was amended after a parks officer had a spell ball thrown at them in a parks board meeting. -Heydeez


Lord Duncan McCain

Duke Sir Torminious Blake III

Lady Maleficint deSade of Windrose

Sir Gideon Oathbreaker