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Squire Savage, of Dusk Hollow, Blackspire

"God Wills It!



Savage is the cousin of the Sir Christian, and a member of the Templar order. He started as a member of Amtgard in the Southeast, and has been in Blackspire for the past few years. He was a former member of Iron Keep, and is now a member of Dragons Forge. Served as the 2nd Prime minister of Blackspire, following the 11 reigns that Don Fodder held, which outdates the kingdom itself.

Affiliated Groups

  • Templars - Savage is ranked as a "Brother"

Belted Family

Belted to Don Fodder, he seeks a MaA.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Chancellor of Iron Keep
  • Prime minister of Blackspire

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More Information

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  • Personal Website
  • Company Website