Shyden Hellsfire

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Warlord Shyden Hellsfire, of Mithril Hills - Blackspire

”That's it, now I'm a freakin ninja!"



Shyden joined in October of 1996, with the other two members of a lifelong group of friends known, at least to themselves, as the Wrecking Crew (the other two being Abaddon and Tseng). Since day one Shyden has been driven towards being a better fighter fighting with a variety of styles. To this end he quickly began to rank in kingdom level tournaments. Though fighting has always been primary in his goals, Shyden spends a good portion of his time at the field working with the newer fighters. He has also shown himself as a capable leader and artisan over the years.

Affiliated Groups

Former member of the VSR fighting company the Birds of Pray. After the company had been inactive, other then himself, for well over a year Shyden finally left.

Founding member of Legacy

FOA to Sir Moonshine

Belted Family

Prior to the the loss of her belts in 2004, Shyden was squired to Aristiri. Since then he has not taken a belt to anyone.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Title of Warlord given in March 2009
  • Shyden has been Warmaster and Weapon Master of VSR and Blackspire.
  • Warmaster x5
  • Weapon Master x4


The bulk of Shyden's service has been done out of office, however, he has stepped up twice to be Baron of Mithril Hills (4th and 17th reign) and the Champion of Mithril Hills another two times (5th and 20th).

Current Champion of Black Spire.

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More Information

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