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Amtgard Chapter
The Kingdom of Golden Plains
Status County
City Abilene, Texas
Park Grover Nelson Park
Meets on Sundays 12:00pm
Founded 2013
Active Active

The County of Skywatch

A County in Golden Plains, located in Abilene, Texas.

Long soar the Skywatch!


A group of Amtgardians originally from the chapter of Irongate, including Kesic Black and Antininus, found themselves desiring to resuscitate Abilene Amtgard. After a year of social networking, and one very persuasive speech given at Cisco Jr. College, the group had it's first meeting on March 9, 2013. Skywatch hosted an Inaugural Celebration the last weekend in April.

Skywatch is a strong province with a large and varied group of veterans and new players and has pulled consistent numbers since its founding. As such, it was awarded its County status in May, 2017.




Skywatch meets Sundays at Grover Nelson Park starting at noon.
Google maps.png (1000 Zoo Ln Abilene, Texas 79602)


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