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'''Northern Empire Principality Monarchy'''
'''Nine Blades Kingdom Monarchy'''
*''Prince:'' [[Count|Cardinal Protodeacon]] [[Squire]] [[Zwerver]]
*''Monarch:'' [[Faewellyn|Shogun Mord'Sith Faewellyn]]
*''Consort:''  [[Lord]] [[Squire]] [[William Black]]
*''Regent:''  [[Bonnie The Broken Wench|Squire Baronetess Bonnie The Broken Wench]]
*''Prime Minister:'' [[Page]] [[Psylocyte]]
*''Chancellor:'' [[The F.U.Bard|THE F.U.Bard]]
*''Champion:'' [[Page]] [[Ambrose]]
*''Champion:'' [[Iron Fist|Sir Count Iron Fist]]
*''Guildmaster of Reeves:'' [[Woman at Arms]] [[Aylanda]]
*''Guildmaster of Reeves:'' [[Eliah]]
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Nine Blades Kingdom Monarchy