Thorge Badgerhart

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Lord Squire Thorge Badgerhart of Tal Dagore

Personal Heraldry

'A.F.O.D.' KotBL2010


Thorge started in Oct of 2006 with his wife Lady Erewen and son Page Edden Badgerhart.



Belted Line

Notable Accomplishments

  • Best Flurb of Mini-Knob 2007 Given by Lord Gareth (Poobah) Kryos
  • Started Dragon Moon Keep, with Lady Erewen
  • Lord - Given by Rammork Prince of Tal Dagore, May 2010
  • Master Dwarf/Monster - Given by Sir Wisp King of Tal Dagore, September 2010

Additional Images

thorgebadgerhart.jpg thorge01.jpg


   Lord and Lady Badgerhart

Additional Information

  • company web site
  • personal web site

  • Orkicon2.gif