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Vicount Vidalia, of Radiant Valley, Winter's Edge



  • Vidalia smashed into the Knoxville, Tn (Radiant Valley/Mystic Glade) Amtgard scene sometime in late 2018. She was previously professionally trained and had previously already had many accolades in the mundane world for her art. Vidalia has had a meteoric rise in the arts and science arena of Winter's edge just before and during the quarantine era. Vidalia has worked diligently on both AnS projects as well as AnS workshops and efforts to further the AnS scene in/around the kingdom.

Affiliated Groups

  • Head of the Winter's Edge DILF Patrol

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Doing ~1,000,000 scrolls/awards
  • Threw a knife into Heaven and literally killed God
  • Didn't shit their pants fighting Corvo Stroke

Additional Images

  • many more to be listed here but these are the ones I have access to at the moment

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